studio setups

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equipment list


  • 2x Litemons LA150 LED Continuous Video Lights
  • 2x RGB LED Tube Lights
  • Godox AD400pro strobe light
  • 2 x Godox 90cm Octabox
  • 1 x softbox 65cm lantern
  • Godox RFi strip softbox (20x60cm)

shooting equipment

  • 3 x Canon 4K R5/R6 cameras
  • various Lenses
  • studio/podcast Microphones (Shure SM7B x2, Shure MV7i x 3)
  • flash triggers (Canon, Nikon, Sony & Fujifilm)
  • tether stand and cable
  • tripods (x3)
  • multiple backdrops (black, dark grey, 50% grey, white, green, brown)
  • diffusers
  • reflectors
  • C-stands (x2)
  • clamps
  • studio technician (included)
  • teleprompter


  • blinds (sheer and/or black out)
  • stools, chairs, desk
  • divider privacy partition
  • full length & makeup mirrors
  • cafe, outdoor terrace and roof
  • 100mbps dedicated internet



  • you can book the studio for a number of different lengths and options using our reservation system here
  • all prices depend on your requirements and preferences, see 'book now' link below to choose options and see prices
  • we accept credit cards only using our booking system, no cash will be accepted