Specialty Coffee Bali

the highest standard of Specialty Coffee Bali, locally sourced, rigorously tested, and artistically crafted to perfection with our Roasted Coffee Beans Bali.

art of intent

merciless from farm to cup

our founder, Matt Jacob - a qualified SCA coffee specialist - has been a stickler for standards in coffee since the 'third wave' hit asian shores. originally plying his coffee obsession in hong kong in the early 2010's he could quickly see that the more 'specialty coffee' spread around, the easier and quicker that standards that would formulate this term, would drop. the intent with yoreh. coffee was just like it's art; to transform the most simple concept into the most artistic, stylish and highest quality experience. our coffee is simple in its source and concept, but complex and premium at every stage of its journey. the customer must truly taste every stage in each cup, so from the farm (growing, picking, processing etc.) through the storage and roasting phases, menu creation, quality control, training and service delivery, we have full oversight and creative direction with every step. this allows us to deliver the highest quality coffee, but with a specific intent and expression that is true to yoreh.



yoreh. is a direct trade partner with a coffee plantation in the foothills of Mt. puntang, bandung. west Java was the first place in indonesia where the dutch first planted coffee during the dutch colonial conquest in the 17th century

• we work directly with the farmers to grow and create the most complex and interesting rostated coffee beans possible from the volcanic terroir of this diverse part of the world

• our direct rade relationship allows the best conditions for the people of the farm as well as complete control over the coffee that yoreh. believes is the best quality, consistency and artisanal expression of our brand

• our farm has won various awards for their beans, and this bean alone (with a score of 86.5) is considered extremely high quality by the SCA, the regulating body of worldwide coffee



Our Roasted Coffee Beans from Bali epitomize quality and specialty. Our specialty coffee fully embodies every aspect of the 'specialty coffee' definition

  • the coffee beans grown at our farm are the highest quality of their variety. the practices and environment of the farm are of the utmost professional and quality-controlled standards, and we have partnership control over how these coffee beans are cultivated
  • we work directly alongside a local coffee roaster in bali with whom we have created the best profile for our beans to maximise the complexity and richness of taste from the coffee
  • our bali specialty coffee is served with the highest quality equipment by baristas who have extensive knowledge, experience and training in the specialty coffee arena, and deliver each drink in accordance with SCA specialty standards
  • we stop at nothing to continuously improve and innovate our coffee, ensuring that the full circle practices and protocols secure

Roasted Coffee Beans Bali

Experience the pinnacle of excellence with our Roasted Coffee Beans sourced from Bali. Our beans are carefully selected for their highest quality, then expertly roasted by true craftspeople to unlock their full flavor potential. Finally, they are brewed to perfection, adhering to the well-established standards developed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)."



we try our best, it's a simple as that. we don't promise we are 100% 'green' but everything from our jewelry production and packaging, to our 'local only' coffee ecosystem and in-house practices such as no takeaways without own cup, no animal products, no paper or cash, etc. etc.


At Specialty Coffee Bali, we prioritize sustainability and fairness. While we're honest about not being 100% 'green', we're committed to minimizing our environmental impact. From our jewelry production and packaging to our 'local only' coffee ecosystem, we implement practices like requiring customers to bring their own cups for takeaways, avoiding animal products, paper, and cash transactions


with each supplier or staff member we work with we pay above the average rate and only work with those that can offer the highest quality provisions possible. we believe in real 'fair trade' (without the commercially monopolised labels), which is why we have long term arrangements with all our major suppliers, directly, no middle-men. we seek to collaborate at every stage of all our processes



at yoreh. we always talk about 'art of intent', and our mission that runs throughout the label is 'to inspire our customers to live consciously and purposefully, embracing the simple pleasures in life'. coffee is one of these foundation blocks, where our customers can become collaborators in bringing intent to something unique and memorable


coffee serves as a catalyst for social connection, creating a shared experience that brings people together in a warm and inviting setting. it's more than just a beverage; it's a communal ritual that transcends cultural and social boundaries. when individuals gather over a cup of coffee at our 'house', it naturally fosters conversation and bonding